domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

The Bible for Women (who took out an puts his finger here)

Good morning readers. Today we talk about men. Yes, it is a chat for some extremely boring, and badly needed for others. It occurred to me recently, something that is innate in men and I got to belgium vareiar. Not that this is the reason for me to be drinking, with a box of tissues on the side and listening to music of Pitty.But I think this "mourning" is necessary to kill any feeling or hope and open the heart again, allow yourself to be loved.
Keep a few bottles of coler, nights of crying and a few pounds less, not kill anyone. But are a great outlet for heartache. You know what's worse? that makes me more pissed off in life? is that men make it clear for the women, only want sex, just want to binge, do not want anything serious, just want you as a friend, bla bla bla ... and yet, the unfavorable ratio, loveeeee that kind of man!
People, woman is an animal beast! we ta did not give a damn bit of a relationship of 10 years and 10 days. that's a fact. never duvivem.

I hope that my EQ (Emotional Coefficient) was the same as my IQ, I bought the bible for women: MEN LEAVE YOUR FEET, Marie Forleo, ed. Universe Books.
Very useful this book. Just as "256 ways to a man crazy in bed" - sorry but I can not remember the author nor the publisher-(for beginners), this new acquisition is very enlightening.
Just the facts, to the page:
pg. 69 (Mmm ..) Truth No. 4: MEN DO NOT WANT TO BE CHANGED, SO "LOVE THEM OR LEAVE THEM, BABY! If the shoe does not fit, we change the foot? - Gloria Steinem, journalist and writer.
let's think ... reflect the fucking shit! and we? need to be changed? because that's what they do to us! manipulate, model, until we choke the woman they want at home, because they sleep on the street with a bunch of bitch. I get the second option the author: I leave it! return for a new shoe and expensive, but it is comfortable, and do not let me corns!
next ...
1 - shortage, the most repulsive of men (just, look for Freud)
2 - Insecurity constant (Freud's books are used up)
3 - Communicator incompetent (men are not soothsayers, alow!)
4 - Visual ugly and messy (epa! darling, I'm pretty up sailing and Hawaiian)
5 - Attitude and bitter cold (or we're sticky or a refrigerator?)
6 - nasty and critical (bad fag! that giving be honest ...)
7 - A flat in bed (no opinion.'ve always been good at this subject ...)
At the end of the book, the author responds 21 worst dilemmas loving. I have not read that part yet, but I'll answer anyway, because I want you go to salons instead of buying the book!
1.Why not get rid of my ex?
because you are stupid or do not have friends. you cry as he ta laughing, paying and picking up others. Wake up to Allah! that large computer and pop your card in slings.
2.Por suspect that both men?
because you're female. and is normal and intelligent. only the stupid, blindly believe in innocent men, mega-sena and Santa Claus. Nor can you rely on Freud
I'm obsessed with 3.Por know if he betrays me?
because you've been horny or is not blind and stupid. Mona, remember when I said in another post: mind every woman and every man cheats. this is fact! (just broke a nail to tell you that!). What do I do? I say do it! but do well for me not knowing, if not ta fucked up, just everything!
Ok by now right? I'm already in the third bottle, I broke a fingernail, I need more paper towels and I'm full of hate that book. I disagree with almost everything. I said ALMOST all. I hear the music: if you think my heart is made of paper ... ie: bottom of the sewer! And you, beloved follower of this blog, ask me, okay! and more e? what you gonna do now?
I answer you: I have some, and absolutely beautiful (almost a Stefanie), and count how many fans I have, to select those who deserve my company unrivaled.
If I could say one more thing, would be: get out of that computer now and go find yourself! love yourself, that men are going to love you too. if not worked, certainly not the fault was mine was his. as the saying goes, will only give value after it lost. Now spark! Hot girl that runs behind or that you're giving the ball, or run behind someone who can give you more than a ball. and bored.

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